OFFO Bird Spikes with Stainless Steel Base, Durable Bird Repellent Spikes Arrow Pigeon Spikes Fence Kit for Deterring Small Bird, Crows and Woodpeckers, Covers 10.2 Feet(3.1m) DY-222

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●[Efficient and Humane Bird Spikes] By imitating the structure of thorn plants, the stainless steel bird spikes prevent the birds from landing without harming the animals. At the same time, the bright surface can reflect the sunlight to frighten pigeons and other animals away.
●[Durable] Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, strong and durable. Compared with plastic bases, our bird spikes are more durable and lasting, and require no maintenance even if they are used for up to 15 years. they can stand any weather and keep stay intact through blizzards and windstorms that will never loosen or rust.
●[Full Width Coverage] The length of each spike is 4 inches (100mm) and the width is 3 inches (76mm). Unlike products with only 2 or 3 spikes, our bird control spikes have a total of 6 needles in each group of needles in the horizontal and vertical directions, which can better cover the entire 360° range.
[Wide Use] Pigeon spikes can be installed in any area, very suitable for standard 4-inch wide window sills, roofs, gutters, balconies, ledges, doorways or any areas contaminated by bird droppings to get rid of the mess and prevent birds nest.

  • Product size: 48*5*11cm
  • QTY: 50pcs/CTN
  • CTN Size: 52*46*27
  • Weight: 6.0/7.0KGS
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    NO MORE BIRDS NESTING & POOPING PROBLEMS - Bird spikes can prevent any type of birds from landing and sitting on window sills, in gardens, fences, on roofs and other places so they don’t foul or nest in these areas. Perfect for small, mid, and large sized birds such as sparrows, barn swallows, robins, pigeons, seagulls and others. Additionally, these bird spikes work on squirrels,raccoon as well.
    EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND INSTALL - This set of spikes come disassembled. Simply insert the spikes in the base before putting the bird spikes where birds are perching, nesting and pooping. There are 4 holes (0.315”x0.216”) per strip for mounting purposes. You can anchor with a zip tie, screws, double sided tape, construction adhesive, etc. These bird spikes for small birds and large birds can be taken down when you don’t need them or remain in place year round.
    WEATHER-PROOF STAINLESS CONSTRUCTION - Our spike strips for birds are made of premium 304 grade stainless steel which will not rust or weaken when exposed to the elements or leave unsightly rust stains on your property. These stainless steel bird spikes are long and well positioned to prevent birds from landing. Each strip is 13” long and 1.15” wide. The width of the spikes at the top is 2.15”, the depth from the base to the top is 4”.
    RIGID BUT CAN BE CUT OR BENT TO MAKE A BETTER FIT - The metal spines of PANGCH bird spikes are quite rigid. The metal base is rigid enough to stay straight, but you can bend these stainless steel bird spikes to fit inside and outside corners or cut them to fit into shorter spaces. A hacksaw/sheet metal shears/snips/wire cutter could snip any excess off the spike strip.
    HUMANE AND INSTANTLY EFFECTIVE BIRD SPIKES- The spines on PANGCH bird spikes make it uncomfortable for birds to land. The bird wire spikes are designed to keep birds away in a humane way.If PANGCH bird spikes for pigeons do not perform to your satisfaction or if you have any questions concerning our products, please contact us. We’ll help you solve the problem ASAP.


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