Indoor Mosquito & Insects Killer Lamps

Dayang Indoor Mosquito & Insects Killer Lamps are including Electrical mosquito killer lamp and suction type mosquito killer. mosquito Lamp is a very useful device that can effectively eliminate mosquitoes in our home or office. Dayang mosquito lamp is adopting advanced UV technology, effectively attracting mosquitoes and kill them by the high voltage grid inside the lamp immediately, or sucked mosquitoes into the lamp by powerful fan physically.

Dayang mosquito lamps is made of environmentally friendly materials, not produce any harmful gases or toxic substances and is harmless to human health. The use of mosquito killer lamp is very simple and convenient. We just need to place it in the indoor area where insects gather or where mosquitoes frequent, such as the doorway, near the window or indoor corners. Then just turn on the power and switch on the light. We don't need to worry about the interference of noise or odour and can enjoy a clean indoor environment without any worries. Indoor mosquito killer light is not only suitable for home use, but also very suitable for commercial places, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals and so on. It can help us create a clean and hygienic environment and avoid the threat of mosquitoes to human health. Whether it is in summer or wet season, indoor mosquito control lamps can bring us a comfortable and peaceful resting space, safe for kids and pets.