Factory Tour

Mold workshop

Dayang has its own mold processing workshop, each process is operated by professionals with more than 5 years of working experience.
The mold making lead time is 30-40 days and the mold precision is controlled within ±0.02mm.
The strict management system, independent mold opening and rich experience lead Dayang to solve any mold issues quickly.



Injection molding workshop

At present, there’re 35 injection molding machines. Through efficient management and precise improvement, automatic production is realized, so one person can manage multiple machines.
Regarding the mold maintenance, Dayang adopted automatic cooling water blowing, compared with artificial water blowing on the market, the cooling is smoother and more timely, effectively improves the service life of the mold, to maintain the quality of plastic parts more stable.

LED beads encapsulation workshop

Dayang is the only one mosquito killer lamp manufacturer in China that independently encapsulates mosquito trapping LED beads. The light-emitting diode is made with Au(Gold)>99.99%, helps to control the light wavelength tolerance within +/- 2nm. The unique UV LED beads has Invention patent (Patent No.: CN201711342996.4). Tested by the authoritative China CDC, the mosquito lure LED beads developed by Dayang is particularly effective to against Aedes aegypti so as to effectively defend against Zika virus.



Assembling workshop

Dayang is able to increase the production capacity by 20%, thanks to the break-through innovation on the production process upon introducing the lean production management. Eliminating waste from the manufacturing process, to deliver higher quality products at significantly lower costs.

There are 25 production lines currently, with only 8-10 workers in each line. The daily production capacity is about 25,000 pieces mosquito killer lamps.

Each new employee will be arranged professional induction training to reduce the product assembling quality problems while production.

Workshop of mosquito repellent products

Dayang customized automatic production lines, replace labor with machines, one dripping machine could replace 4 workers, significantly increased the production capacity.
Compared with simply spraying oils or flavors on the products surface on the market, Dayang is always focusing on researching and developing efficient mosquito repellent compound formula, only use 100% natural plant essential oil mixed with materials, make the odor lasts longer, and the mosquito repellent effect is much more significant.
The spray filling workshop is built based on the level of one hundred thousand level dust-free, supply products to the major maternal and infant channels and some drugstores at home and abroad.



Dayang has passed factory aduit like BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, Disney, Universal, UL, WCA and FA etc, owing product certificates of TUV, UL, ETL, SGS, CE, ROHS and REACH, etc, helps our products exported to hundreds of countries with reputed company and brands. After all these years, Dayang has been rewarded as Engineering Center of Ningbo, High-tech Corporation of Zhejiang Province and High Development Enterprise of Zhejiang Province, etc.

In the future, Dayang will continue the exploration of the high-tech environment-friendly non-toxic mosquito control industry, focusing on the research and development of efficacy, insisting on the spirit of craftsmanship, to be a respected corporation.