Portable Bug Zapper Lantern

The portable mosquito zapper lantern is a perfectly combination camping lantern and mosquito zapper, so it is a LED lantern as well as a mosquito killer & elimination device, using a physical method to eliminate insects. The LED light gives out special wavelength acting as an attractant for mosquitoes while the high voltage electrical grid built inside kills mosquitoes by electric shock. No any chemical ingredients, no poison or smell, so it can not only protect our own safety, but also do not pollute the environment when we use it. The portable mosquito zapper lantern is charged via USB charging port through computer and power bank, low temperature and low power consumption. With small size, the lantern doesn’t take up too much space, which can be put in bag and carried to wherever you go. Excellent waterproof function makes it works well even on rainy days. Hanging hook makes the lantern convenient to hang on the wall, trees, tent, porch, and everywhere you want.

In short, the portable mosquito zapper is a perfect chemical-free pest control alternative, safe to use in every indoor and outdoor setting with a heavy insects infestation problem. Suitable for home bedrooms, restaurants, hotels, offices, and outdoor lighting or mosquito killer for camping, hiking, fishing, etc.