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Ningbo Dayang Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Ningbo Dayang Technology Co., Ltd. is a R&D and production-oriented enterprise, specialized in manufacturing environment-friendly mosquito control products, mosquito research and foreign trade business.


Based on the global market and consumer needs, Ningbo Dayang has developed hundreds of mosquito control products in trendy design, with over 300 patents, including utility model patents and appearance patents, ranking top 1 of the Paris Convention in the field of mosquito control products.

Products include: 100% natural plant essential oil oriented Mosquito repellent bracelet, clips, mosquito repellent spray; Portable indoor&outdoor mosquito killer lamp, indoor inhalation type or electric-shock type mosquito killer lamp, solar mosquito killer lamp, ultrasonic insect repeller etc.

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Technological Investment

Dayang is always focusing on scientific and technological investment. In the past 3 years, Dayang has invested over 20 million RMB in R & D, accounting for 7.1% of the cumulated sales revenue. The 1000 square meter R & D laboratory is well equipped with 137 sets machines for vector prevention research.

R & D Invested
R & D laboratory
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Why Choose Us

Dayang R & D center consists of Vector Biology Museum, Testing and Analysis center, Vector industry-university-research cooperation Center and Ningbo Vector Biology Enterprise Research Institute, the institute is including Vector Biology Physiology& Ecology Research Center, Vector Biology Data Research Center, Material Slow-release Technology Research Center, Photoelectric Technology Research Center and Postdoctoral Workstation.

Meanwhile, Dayang has established long-term scientific and technological cooperation with China CDC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Key Laboratory, South China Agricultural University, Shanghai Naval Medical Research Institute, Nanjing University of technology, UFRGS Brazil, FABC Brazil and other institutions, greatly enhanced Dayang's R & D ability, helped to lay the foundation of being an innovative enterprise.
Dayang R & D center is the largest and most professional vector Industry in Ningbo, playing an important role in driving the development of the whole vector industry.

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