Hanging Outdoor Wasp Deterrent Killer Insect Bee Catcher Non-Toxic, Reusable DY-001

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Double-Sided Sticky Device for Bugs with House Outdoor Plant Bugs Catcher Like Mosquito Fruit Fly Gnat Leaf

1. Product specification: butterfly, sunflower, bird
2. Material: PP plastic
3. Use: Horticultural armyworm

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    Special design: the wasp trap outdoor hanging is designed with multiple tunnels, allowing more bees to enter the carpenter bee trap outside in all directions, and the wasp will not be able to escape the yellow jacket killer. The integrated design of the wasp trap bottom is not easy to leak, and detachable design of for hornet traps easy cleaning.
    Food based lure: natural foods can be used as bait for carpenter bee traps for outside. beer, wine and vinegar can be added to the wasp traps to attract bees & wasps. The bait is non-toxic and safe to hang in places where bees are common.
    Safety: our bee traps are made of plastic and equipped with lanyard, light and easy to hang.Natural bait such as beer and fruit vinegar can be added to the trap to start the work, without any chemical preparation, and is environmentally friendly.
    Long lasting: wasp traps outdoor hanging is suitable for seasons, our hornet traps can work from spring through fall. Our yellow jacket killer are designed to protect your home, garden, and farm for a long time in all weather and outdoor environments
    After-sales service: your experience with this carpenter bee trap outdoor is our top priority. If you shall have any concerns or questions, send us an e-mail and we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.

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