Bird Spikes for Pigeons and Other Small Birds, Pigeon Spikes for Garden Fence and Wall DY-PE03

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Product color: milky white, transparent, black, gray, green, brick red, dark brown

  • Product size: 45*4.5*3.7cm
  • Qty: 12pcs
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    SAFE AND EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: The bird spikes are made of high-quality ABS, waterproof, anti-climate change and long-term UV radiation; the bird spikes can be used all year round.
    SUSTAINABLE PROTECTION: You can effectively avoid birds such as pigeons and swallows landing and nesting on ledges, railings, roof edges, frames and air conditioners. Thanks to this, railings and window sills stay clean and looking good. Say goodbye to bird droppings!
    FULL DEFENSE: Bird spikes not only for pigeons, but also for other birds (swallows and sparrows) and other animals (cats, squirrels, raccoons) - all within the scope of current animal protection laws.
    QUICK INSTALLATION: Pigeon spikes - Connects in no time. Just choose nails, screws, clips or mounting glue to fix according to your needs. Tips: Wear gloves when installing to avoid injury!
    EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Pigeon spikes consist of 20 units (11.22in long 18.7ft), each unit has three breaking points (11.22x1.37x1.57in). If you are not satisfied with our bird spikes, you can return them anytime. Even three years after purchase!


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