How to Use Mosquito Lamp Correctly!

1. There is a certain distance from people:
Because mosquito control lamps attract mosquitoes by simulating human body temperature and exhaled carbon dioxide, if the lamp is too close to people, the effect will be greatly reduced.

2. Do not stick to walls or floors:
Place the mosquito killer lamp in an open area one meter high. When the environment is dark and static, the mosquito killer has the fastest mosquito killing speed and the best effect.

3. Do not place it at the vent:
The speed of air flow will affect the mosquito trapping effect, and the mosquito killing effect will naturally be greatly reduced.

4. Ensure that mosquito control lamps are the only light source:
You can turn on the mosquito and fly trap and turn off the lighting before leaving work in the evening. After overnight trapping, indoor mosquitoes can be basically eradicated.

In addition, when using it for the first time, it is best to choose to close the doors and windows or screen doors and windows in the early evening, turn off the lighting, and leave. Concentrate on mosquito control for 2-3 hours, and do not shut down the machine when people return indoors. By the next morning, there will be no mosquitoes in the room. During summer or mosquito activities, it can be used daily. The longer the use time, the better the effect, to eliminate mosquitoes that leak into the room due to loose doors and windows.

Post time: Jun-01-2023