Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Outdoor, Cat Repellent Solar Animal Repeller Dog Deterrent with Motion Sensor&Light, Yard Farm Garden Repellent for Cat Squirrel Dog Rabbit Raccoon Skunk Fox Deer and More DY-902

Short Description:

1. Solar panel: 5V 200ma high efficiency conversion rate polysilicon photovoltaic panel, size: 8 * 4cm
2. Battery: 3.7V 1500mAh 18650 lithium battery (with certification: MSDS, UN38.3, transportation report, etc.) Customizable polymer battery
3. Service time: 3-4 weeks when the battery is fully charged and there is no sunshine, and charging once every six months when there is sunshine in Shenzhen
4. PIR sensing distance: 0-10M (affected by ambient temperature)
5. PIR coverage area: 120-200 plane
6. PIR induction angle: 120 ° – 125 ° (three-dimensional space spherical, non planar)
7. Waterproof grade: IP64 (do not soak in water, and do not put it in low-lying ponding places)
8. Alarm volume: 120 dB within 1000 meters
9. Applicable: Hotels, villas, parks, farms, rice fields, breeding farms, others, etc

  • Product size: 13*7.5*51.5cm
  • Box size: 16.7*13.5*9.5cm
  • CTN size: 49.5*42.5*35cm
  • Qty: 30pcs
  • N.W.: 14.0Kgs
  • G.W.: 15.0Kgs
  • Product Detail

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    Operating instructions:
    Left knob: alarm tone on/off, volume adjustment, clockwise volume+, counterclockwise volume-
    Right knob: working mode adjustment
    0: Close
    1: 13.5 kHz - 19.5 kHz, expel small animals, mice, dogs, foxes, minks and other animals.
    2: 19.5 kHz - 24.5 kHz, to drive away cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks and other animals.
    3: 24.5 kHz - 45.5 kHz, to drive away bats, birds, rodents and other animals.
    4: No ultrasound, strong flash to drive away raccoons, wild boars, minks, birds and other animals (suitable for family courtyards at night).
    5: 13.5kHz - 45.5kHz, frequency conversion+strong light flashing+alarm sound, to drive away all animals and birds

    Package Package Size (cm) Product Size(cm) Product
    net weight
    Packing Qty Carton Information MOQ Lead Time
    Loading port CERT
    color box 16.7*13.5*9.5 13*7.5*51.5 490g 30 49.5 42.5 35.0 0.074 15 2000 35 days Ningbo FCC,

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