How to Choose Mosquito Lamp

There are many products on the market about mosquito lamps, how do you choose high-quality products from them? How do I choose a mosquito repellent lamp? PChouse, let’s take a look together.

1. Select according to the type of mosquito control lamp: Currently, the mosquito control lamps sold can be divided into two types: electronic mosquito control lamps and air flow mosquito suction lamps. Among them, the electronic mosquito killer lamp is an early generation product. Its principle is to use the Phototaxis of mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes and make them electrocuted. However, in actual use, it is not efficient, and its size is large, and it will emit a burning smell of mosquitoes; At present, most advanced mosquito control lamps use airflow suction mode, which is based on the principle of absorbing mosquitoes through fan airflow, resulting in their death.

2. Select based on the material of mosquito control lamps: Currently, high-quality mosquito control lamps on the market are generally made of high-quality brand new AB materials, which have the advantages of antibacterial and flame retardant properties, and the product has high density, high hardness, and is very sturdy and durable; Cheap mosquito lamps often use recycled waste plastic as the material, which has a strong odor and is prone to breakage. Under the irradiation of the lamp tube, they are more likely to release harmful substances.

3. Choose according to the tube of the mosquito control lamp: The quality of the mosquito control lamp tube has a significant impact on the effectiveness of mosquito control and the service life of the product. High quality mosquito control lamp tubes generally use short wavelength purple light as the light source, which has a strong attraction to mosquitoes and is very energy-saving. The service life is also more durable than ordinary lighting lamps; Poor quality mosquito control lamps often use ordinary lighting as the light source. Due to the long wavelength of this type of light, its ability to attract mosquitoes is low, and the mosquito catching effect is naturally relatively poor.

Post time: May-03-2023