Are mosquito lamps really reliable

Mosquitoes are really annoying. In order to solve the pest of mosquitoes, various mosquito repellent products are emerging one after another on the market, especially the recently popular mosquito lamps, which have shown people hope! But some babies say that mosquito lamps are an intelligence tax, and many babies also believe that mosquito lamps are really useful. So today, let’s evaluate with Xiaoyin whether the mosquito killer lamp is really reliable?

The working principle of mosquito killing lamps:
According to relevant experiments, the reason why mosquitoes can find the human body to smoke is because of the carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body. And mosquito killing lamps use the characteristics of mosquitoes, using internal photocatalytic carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes, and then using internal high-voltage electricity or exhaust fans to eliminate them.

Dayang Mosquito Lamp
It is a mosquito killing lamp made using physical principles. Compared to mosquito coils, mosquito fumigants, mosquito repellents, etc., it does not add any chemical components and is relatively safe and mild.

The mosquito control area can be up to 100 square meters. It attracts mosquitoes by simulating human body temperature, exhaled carbon dioxide and Phototaxis of mosquitoes, so that mosquitoes can take the initiative to rush to the mosquito control lamp, and then use the power grid to eliminate them.

Post time: Jun-03-2023