DYT-X8 New Style Popular 2 In 1 Electric Mosquito Swatter & Mosquito Killer Lamp

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2 in 1 Electric mosquito swatter & Mosquito killer lamp
* Power: 4W
* Voltage: DC 5V
* Battery capacity: 1200mAh
* Battery type: 18650-3.7V
* LED: SMD2835*6pcs
* USB: Type C
* USB cable length: Type C*1.0M

  • Item No.: DYT-X8
  • Power: 4W
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    【Useful Two Modes】On ON1 mode, you can press the gray button and manually wave this effective mosquito racket to kill flies. If you loosen the button, it would switch off the current timely. On ON2 mode, the bug zapper racket works automatically. In addition to discharging, 6 mosquito traps with purple light of the fly swatter would light on. UV light can attract mosquitoes to approach the electric mosquito swatter initiatively and get electric shocks instantly.

    【Effective Mosquito Swatter】PALONE electric fly swatter racket has a powerful 3000V high-voltage grid. To press the button, the powerful electric fly swatter can help you effectively kill flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. On the automatic mode, the specific UV wavelength would attract mosquito to get close to the high-volt grid and be electrocuted instantly.

    【To Charge via USB】The built-in power supply is a 1200mAH rechargeable battery instead of dry cells, so the electric fly swatter has a long battery life. Besides, multi-selective USB charging methods can perfectly cope with the low-battery situation anytime, anywhere. It also has four indicator lights to clearly display the battery status.

    【Easy to Operate】 Its convenience is embodied in its portability and easy charging way. The bug zapper racket is portable and has comfortable hand feeling. Its automatic mode can also free your hands. It is useful for indoors and outdoors. As for the battery charging, you can switch off the fly zapper racket, insert it into the charging base, and then connect the base's USB cable to an available power source.

    【Safety Design】To ensure its safety in use, it is a electric fly swatter with 3-layer safety net that can avoid the danger of directly touching the high-volt grid. In addition, this fly swatter has a great circuit-protection device to effectively prevent overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit or other potential circuit problems. After turning off the switch, it will automatically clear the remaining energy on the surface of the high-voltage grid.

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